Tango for Fast Learners Crash Course

Tango for Fast Learners Crash Course

3rd week of each month, 4 hrs

  • Mondays from 7-9pm, followed for social dance at Asura Bistro, 235 W 35th st
  • Wednesdays 7-9pm for the LGBT community, followed for social dance at Asura Bistro, 235 W 35th st
  • Saturdays from 2-4pm, followed for social dance at Asura Bistro, 235 W 35th st

Wine and tango partyHave dance experience, and are looking to challenge yourself with something new? Try our Tango for Fast Learners Crash Course! The course is designed specifically for students with any previous dance background who are looking to dive into Argentine Tango. Students will be introduced to basic and advanced combinations – all they need to dance with elegance and style at milongas. Two hours of class are followed up by two hours of social dancing with students and staff at one of our nearby practica venues, so you can take what you have learned and try it out on the floor! Join us and discover the beauty and elegance of Argentine Tango today.

  • No partner needed
  • No tango experience required
  • Leather soled shoes are required

Program: Fundamentals, posture, embrace, feet positions, musicality, connection, navigation, Caja continuada, Baldoza, paso basico, decorations, back ocho, parada, sandwich and resolution combination. Etiquette at milongas (social dancing).

Classes at Pearl Studios, 500 8th ave, 12th fl.

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    My husband and I took a private lesson with Nicholas. We are experienced dancers in other forms of dance, but Argentine Tango was new to us. Instructor Nicholas was very patient, thorough, and willing to break things down so that we could apply his new instruction to amend and build on our previous dance experience. From his perspective, we may not have covered a lot of steps and variations, but we were deeply pleased to have gone in depth on the foundations of Argentine Tango. We were quite happy with the private class and plan to schedule more upon our return to NYC. (We're from Florida)
    Dede Rector, United States