$10 Introductory Class

Introductory Tango Lesson

Every Monday or Thursday at 7pm and every Saturday at 2pm, we offer a taste of tango for totally beginners for just $10. You will get a 45 minute class introducing you to all the basic fundamentals of tango. It is guaranteed you will be dancing at the end of the class. It is a good way to have fun starting out with tango for those that have never danced it before.


At the end of this class you will receive a special offer to join us to the school.

What happens after?

Four weeks beginners tango program

At our school we work with 4 weeks beginners tango program, where you will learn the basics and fundamentals. There are 2 classes per week (same class within the week), then you will have the opportunity to learn and review and practice twice a week. Learn the most common tango figures, used at all dance places (milongas), will be taught. It is very easy to get it!

After this level, you will be integrated in the big group, where you will continue learning more elements, figures and rhythms (Tango, Milonga and Vals) and continue developing your skills. Our goal is that you will be intermediately integrated in the group and practice with the oldest students who have more dance experience. You will be part of our community to make new friends and establish a dance network.

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Pearl Studios, 500 8th Ave. 12th fl.  (and 35th St.). Ask for Strictly Tango NYC dance school at the desk.

SPECIAL OFFER: All attendants to the $10 trial will receive a special promotion of one month unlimited beginner lessons (8 classes) for $80.  Reg $200


See you there!


For more information about our course of fundamentals click here


Monday July 11th, 7pm

Saturday July 9th, 1pm

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    Sergio provides a warm, supportive , encouraging yet challenging learning environment ... challenging so that student will stretch beyond his/her comfort zone... encouraging so that each student remains focused and motivated.....excellent use of teaching assistants....Sergio engages the group through skill, warmth and humor .
    anna markella, Philadelphia, Pa.