Leaders and Followers Technique Boot Camp

Sergio Segura Workshop in New York

Lead with clarity.  Follow with style.

November 16th, 2014 2PM-5PM

The best social tango dancers are clear leaders or attentive followers.  Strictly Tango NYC has developed a program specially designed to increase connectivity and communication between leaders and followers, allowing you to push the limits of what you can do on the dance floor.  By increasing the efficiency of the embrace, you will never again have to guess if your lead will be understood, or worry that you have missed a signal.  Leaders will learn to give clear and efficient leads without being forceful.  Followers will learn to be attentive to subtle leads and seize opportunities to add elegance and character to their dance by embellishing with speed and grace.

Additionally, you will be able to put your new found leading and following skills into practice immediately in a fun, safe, and encouraging environment.

Clear communication through embrace is the key to taking your social dance from merely effective to  exquisite.  Leaders and Followers Technique Boot Camp will help you to achieve it.


* Beginner knowledge of Tango is required.  It is highly recommended but not mandatory to participate in the Tango Crash Course for Beginners to gain knowledge of the fundamentals, elements, and basic structures of the dance.

3 hour workshop $90 in advance $105 at the door

STNYC Students get 20% OFF


* Dance shoes or leather/suede soled shoes required.

* No partner required

* Open Roles welcomed

500 8th Ave., 12th Floor

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    I've studied Tango with Sergio and Anton for about 10 months, and I feel I'm finally starting to be a solid lead. Between classes, prácticas, and the Wednesday milonga, my learning curve has been really steep, and I can see the difference. What's even better... our school is like family now. Everyone should get this sort of welcome into the Tango community!
    Noelle, Brooklyn, NY