The young soul of tango.

Our school is dedicated to preserving and spreading an elegant and traditional style of Argentine Tango.
We are well known for teaching at a high level and for the quality of our instruction. We teach all levels, and we place special focus on Totally Beginners.
Here you will learn tango in a friendly and supportive community of tango dancers. Our system of teaching tango has been developed over many years. It is structured and precise while also allowing our students to have fun and be creative.
We guarantee you’ll be dancing tango after your first lesson.
At the heart of tango is confidence. We strive to build this in our students quickly and effectively. After a few lessons at Strictly Tango you’ll be joining us for an evening out dancing at one of the many tango socials throughout the city.
Our community is made up of friendly and stylish people who are excited and committed to learning and teaching tango. They come to class with a positive attitude, openness for new experiences, and most importantly a desire to dance and connect with others.
So we welcome you to our community and invite you to come and discover the beauty of Argentine Tango in New York!


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    Thanks for a wonderful weekend of Tango for fast learners class! I just returned from a fabulous trip to Argentina and had so much fun dancing the tango in Buenos Aires (and of course watching the beautiful dancers there). I hadn't realized how much you taught in such a short time, until I realized that I felt pretty comfortable with my basic grasp of the dance and the immeasurable foundations you taught. Muchos Gracias!
    Orit, NY